Mission of the Congregation is drawn from lives of the Sisters, the Charism and aims of the foundation. Which entails maintaining loving relationships with God through the people they care for. Through such compassionate and selfless care, the sisters get deeply involved in the sufferings of the people. In this way, they bear witness to selfless love of Jesus who suffered and died in order to save us all. Living according to the spirit of the foundation of the Congregation demands constant renewal of the life of the sisters in line with its charism and apostolate as they strive for holiness and sanctification of the individual members.


The Sisters do not just care for the sick and suffering in the traditional manner in which people care for the sick in the hospitals. They provide a holistic care and identify with the suffering, thereby deriving a special approach to the apostolate of suffering that is “compassion”.


The Sisters guided by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the word, fulfill our baptismal and religious responsibility through evangelization and Caring. This is evident in the life we live in imitation of the compassionate Saviour.


Caring with compassion for the sick and suffering people of God in a holistic way especially the handicapped, the abjectly poor, the aged and the abandoned in all ramifications- socially, economically, spiritually, educationally, psychologically, and mentally. This practical Charity enables the people to whom the sisters are taking care of to grow in wholeness.

To highlight devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Perpetual Adoration) this strengthens the spirituality of the sisters. The Blessed Sacrament is adored perpetually in all our communities where we have the required number of sisters. The formation houses undertake perpetual adoration no matter the number of the sisters in the house. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the source of strength sustaining the sisters in their active apostolate.

Revitalization of the Educational System. this aspect of our apostolate focuses on the education of the youth. The sisters work and teach in schools; impacting knowledge and given support to the vulnerable children of the society that cannot access education by offering scholarships.

Personal sanctification of its members and observation of the Norms and Rules of the Congregation. Our Congregation is a non-profitable organization. The sisters in their humble service to humanity counsel, listen, visit and care for the sick, the suffering and the less privileged people of the society.

We are also involved in pastoral work in parishes where we are living, for example teaching catechism, organizing some pious societies in the Church, working with the C.W.O, organizing the prayer meetings of Mary League Girls and instructing the youths which are the means of revitalization of the faith of the people. Likewise, we relate very well with the local ordinary and parish priests of the different communities and participate fully in the activities of the diocese.

Superior General

Sr. Resurrecta Maria Agu, SJS


“Docility to Jesus the Saviour”


The Sisters of Jesus the Saviour otherwise known as, the Saviourite Sisters (SJS) is a young growing female Religious Institution founded by Very Rev Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh, C.S.Sp in the year 1985. The Congregation was founded on the 6th of August 1985 at Elele in Ikwere LGA of Rivers State. Presently its Generalate is situated at Elele in the South-South of Nigeria, Port Harcourt Diocese. The Congregation was founded for a particular need and purpose in the life of the Church. The sisters portray the compassionate Jesus in their actions whereby they profess the 3 Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. Our father founder had his inspiration through our compassionate Saviour with his special mission for the sick and suffering people, together with Christ’s sufferings on the cross. His love for the sick, the mentally deranged, the less privileged and abandoned always make them gather around him and he always felt compassion for them. He loves to stay with them to relieve their sufferings and scarcely had time for himself. As they increased in number, he saw the need for helpers. Thus, inspired by Jesus the Saviour he founded a Congregation of the Sisters to live and work in the midst of these sick and suffering people, the abjectly poor and abandoned, so that the sisters could understand their feelings and manifest the Charism of the founder in a profound manner.